Keeping Up

It takes a certain type of person to enjoy planning and organizing… more specifically, for other people!

At Pulse, client requests are like the cake – we love this stuff – however, if we put a smile on a client’s face because a daunting task is now complete, well, that’s the icing for us.

We truly care about making your day, household, event, or trip a little brighter, and are willing to take on just about anything. We treat every client as a friend and all information between us is kept extremely confidential. Send us a request, and make our pulse beat a little faster than yours!

Client Testimonials
Pulse Concierge planned our entire family vacation to Hawaii – and what a trip it was! Their attention to detail, eye for a good bargain, custom tailoring of our activities, and overall travel smarts saved me countless hours of planning and research. We had an incredible time and are already looking forward to the Tahoe trip they are planning for us!"
~Blake Miles
For me, Pulse Concierge is like having a friend I can turn to when I feel overwhelmed with life’s demands. I used to think personal assistants were only for CEO’s and executives, but now I feel everyone could use this type of service in their life to some degree."

~Rachel Wright

Connect with us

Fill out the client request form on our Contact page, or call 650.867.6890. Thank you for visting our website!